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ann osman di dubai

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▶ ONE FC: REIGN OF CHAMPIONS – Fight 1: Ana Julaton vs Ann Osman –

one fighting championship

Ana julaton juara filipina yang sentiasa ceria, Ana julaton ialah boxing girl dan juga MMA, Ann osman ni tak reti menumbuk nor menendang, tapi pandai dan reti menghimpit, itulah stratiji coach ann osman iaitu Lias Mansor gunakan. kerana ann tidak akan boleh menang dengan Ana julaton,

kerana ana lahir dari sukan boxing,  , check out sapa menang

Ann Osman dan Coach Lias Mansor

Ann Osman dan Coach Lias Mansor

AJ ‘Pyro’ Lias Mansor is a passionate athlete.  A former Malaysian National Rugby player & National Silat Champion, he has become the first East Malaysian One FC MMA fighter and 1st Malayisan National OneFC Featherweight Champion.

AJ founded and is the Head Coach for the Borneo Tribal Squad in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, which is a team of young, developing fighters with a diverse background in Muay Thai, Silat, BJJ, Wrestling & Boxing.

Berita terdahulu – https://abgrara.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/ann-osman/

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