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Pemenang gambar terbaik ‘Nature’s Best Photography winners’

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Pemenang gambar terbaik  ‘Nature’s Best Photography winners’

People in Nature Winner: Photographer at Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. Using a slow shutter speed allowed me to blur the water and create the illusion that the man is frozen into an icy surface. My friend, fellow photographer Dmitry Moiseenko, had to stay motionless as I took this shot." - Photographer Mike Reyfman

Small World Spectaculars Winner: Damselflies, Confederation Park, Calgary, Canada. I saw these damselflies and quietly followed the mating couple in flight and waited for them to get tired and land. My persistence paid off when I got this perfect heart-shaped composition." -- Photographer Minghui Chen

Environmental Issues Winner: Polar Bear, Svalbard Islands, Arctic Ocean, Norway. This image was taken from the railing of an expedition ship. The bear approached to check us out, raised himself upright and started to wave his impressive paw." -- Photographer Hans Strand

Art in Nature Winner: Northern Gannets, Bonaventure Island, Quebec, Canada. Pairs of gannets were building nests atop a viewing shelter. It was a great opportunity to capture artistic images with high-key sky backgrounds as I did in this photo of a male passing nesting material to his mate." -- Photographer Arthur Morris

 Nature’s Best Photography winners

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